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Meet the Founder

Syceria T-M Stephens, MSN, RN, FNP-c

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Business Owner & Coaching Expert

Syceria graduated with her BSN in 2009 and has worked in multiple emergency departments and trauma centers. She graduated with her MSN in 2015 and fulfilled her dream of becoming an NP.  Syceria has worked in primary care, several urgent care facilities.  She also has a broad range of experience in home care, perioperative services, skin care aesthetics, medical marijuana, telehealth and occupational health.

After opening up a med - spa in 2020  she realized the unlimited earning potential that being a business owner brought. With this new found freedom, skills and knowledge she started a successful tele health cannabis clinic. After that she repurposed NPnow from consulting with corporations to helping other Nurse Practitioners who wanted to start their own practices  and discover the power of growing their skills, unlimited earning potential and time freedom.  She has helped many Nurse practitioners negotiated higher rates and better employment contracts. As well as open up aesthetic practices, IV hydration clinics, Botox bars and many other cash paying niche practices.   

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More About NPnow

NPnow services Nurses & Nurse Practitioners of all specialties and backgrounds.  We offer clinical pearls and vital information to transform new graduates into confident, bold and knowledgeable Nurse Practitioners with the business side knowledge to become experts in our field and change agents in the healthcare industry.

We are committed to improving our standing in the medical profession and communities we serve.  By challenging the status quo, savvy Nurse Practitioners can attain the recognition and respect, along with the rewards, so deserving of our profession.  It is our ultimate goal that NP's are empowered to secure the seat at the "healthcare" table so rightfully earned.

Knowledge is power!  Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you...

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