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Welcome to

Business Coaching and Mentorship  for Nurses and Nurse Practitioners 

What is most important to you? Excelling in your career? Starting a business? Leaving the hospital or office ? Starting a side hustle? MAKE MORE MONEY? Here at NPnow our mission is YOU and to help you do just that. We not only help New grad Nurse practitioners succeed in their new career path we help  seasoned Nurse Practitioners who are burnt out and ready to start their own practices from thought or Idea to Doors open seeing patients  and making money. Get 1:1 or group coaching from a leader in the industry  and start excelling and getting what you desire TODAY!! With a limited number of spots get in touch with us today to see if we can start working together to make all of your dreams come true.  

Elevating our profession...
one NP at a time!

Written Course Materials

We provide written materials and sample documents such as resumes, contracts, collaborative agreements & sample certification study plans.

Coaching & Mentorship 

We will serve as a guide, fact checker  and motivator to help get you what you want.


Become an expert in our field with YouTube videos to enhance your overall knowledge.

Doctor Taking Notes

Our New Grad NP Career Navigation Course is here!!!

"It is never a bad decision to choose yourself...know your worth!"

- Syceria T-M Stephens

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